Colored Bars and Toy Cars

Made by Edward Chen and Matthew Chan for SD Hacks 2017

We used AT&T's Intelligent Cities API to create a data visualization platform where pedestrians and drivers can be better informed of their surrounding city. We also wanted to create an automated response system using Twilio's API to provide live updates of traffic and pedestrian conditions. To best demonstrate this, we created a couple simulations on Google Maps with custom markers and animated graphs.

We thought a simulation of AT&T's Intelligent Cities data would best illustrate the traffic and pedestrian flucuations over a period of time. We hope this simulation can demonstrate many potential uses of AT&T's Intelligent Cities once implemented across cities.

Each bar on underneath a car or a pedestrian symbol represents the current speed (green - fast, red - slow) and total number of entities (length of the bar). Under each car, there are 4 bars, each representing a lane of traffic.